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While energy systems can be decarbonized through the use of renewables, emissions from industry face more significant challenges as many of their emissions are a natural byproduct of the manufacturing processes.

The cement industry, in particular, is both an energy- and emissions-intensive industry because of the extreme heat required to produce cement and the release of CO₂ from the limestone during the process. It represents approximately 5% of the world’s anthropogenic CO₂ emissions.

Project CO₂MENT: Building a Circular Economy Around Cement’s CO₂ Emissions

In this session, the panel will explore how a project in BC, Canada, could answer the following questions:

  • Can we build a CO₂ marketplace around cement emissions?
  • Is there a business opportunity for converting CO2 from a global liability to a profit centre?
  • How can the cement industry help itself by using the carbon dioxide they emit?

Bring your ideas and add to the discussion about the opportunities and challenges with closing the carbon loop and recycling CO₂ waste emissions into valued products.


  • Brett Henkel, Co-Founder & VP, Strategic Accounts & Government Relations
  • Amitava Sarkar, Corporate Research Scientist for North America, TOTAL
  • Brian Leary, Director Business Development, Solidia Technologies

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