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June 25, 2018 | Seattle, Washington

Svante shared its innovative approach to tackling the global carbon emission challenges through distributed supply of CO2 at the 5th Annual CleanTechn Innovation Showcase, held June 25, 2018 in Seattle, WA.

Twenty-four organizations, including national labs, prestigious universities, and major corporations, are handpicked from the submissions to present at this annual event. Svante’s Co-Founder & VP, Strategic Accounts & Gov’t Affairs Brett Henkel highlighted work

“To create commercial value for CO₂ requires a shift in the cost of capturing carbon to meet market requirements,” explained Henkel. “Svante’s path forward focuses on creating CO₂-to-value by meeting small capacity needs at $60 to $100 per tonne.

A key building block for unlocking the growth of the CO₂ marketplace is shifting the carbon capture cost curve down by at least a factor of two from conventional technology (chemical solvents).  Svante found a way to do this using advanced solid adsorbent nanomaterials combined with a novel modular compact contactor to capture CO₂ from very diluted post-combustion flue gases (industrial processes and gas-fired power plants).

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