Scalable Carbon Capture Technology – Putting a Price on Carbon | Podcast

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In this episode of the Interchange Recharged our host David Banmiller has an eye-opening conversation with Claude Letourneau the CEO of trailblazing carbon capture company, Svante. Claude shares with us his plans and goals for building a carbon capture and sequestration infrastructure that is comparable to what the tech industry looks like today. Claude believes that carbon capture and management will play a large part in moving the energy transition forward and tells us why Svante’s technology has the possibility of creating real tangible results. Throughout this episode, David and Claude cover the key topics regarding the scalability of carbon capture technology and what the future for Svante looks like. Claude helps describe to our listeners the process of putting a price on carbon, creating a carbon marketplace, and some of the biggest barriers facing carbon capture technology today. Listeners should expect some of the following questions. How much does carbon capture cost? What do the tech industry and carbon management have in common? How does Hydrogen play a role in carbon capture, and what makes this technology different than competitors’ from previous years?

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