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The 10 biggest funding rounds for Pacific Northwest startups in 2022 | GeekWire

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Venture capitalists slowed investments this year in response to the cooling economy. But some startups were still able to secure large sums of cash.

The top 10 funding rounds across the Pacific Northwest in 2022, listed below, highlight companies that were able to attract venture capital dollars despite rising interest rates and tumbling public tech stock valuations.

Investment in startups slowed in the latter half of this year while investors advised portfolio companies to cut expenses and preserve cash. Hundreds of startups have laid off employees in recent months


4. Carbon removal company Svante captures $318M

British Columbia-based Svante raised $318 million in a Series E round this month. The funding was led by Chevron New Energies, a division of the fossil fuel giant Chevron. Svante’s builds filters coated with nano-material solid adsorbents to trap carbon dioxide that is released with industrial flue gas.

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